Wednesday, April 29, 2009

mood happy =)

wif caprice crew =p

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MMUmusic part 1

aha, hakim, i love to shoot his face wif the camera. expression unique.
bak kata wan si empunyer pencil box, its name is jefri the giraffe.haha

aksi spontan aiman
"Am" with the style
kami berjaga di ixora menjual ticket =0

Friday, April 17, 2009


                                                                             the beatles
All my troubles seemed so far away, 
Now it looks as though they're here to stay, 
Oh, I believe in yesterday. 

I'm not half the man I used to be, 
There's a shadow hanging over me, 
Oh, yesterday came suddenly. 

Why she 
Had to go I don't know, she wouldn't say. 
I said, 
Something wrong, now I long for yesterday. 

Love was such an easy game to play, 
Now I need a place to hide away, 
Oh, I believe in yesterday. 

Why she 
Had to go I don't know, she wouldn't say. 
I said, 
Something wrong, now I long for yesterday. 

Love was such an easy game to play, 
Now I need a place to hide away, 
Oh, I believe in yesterday. 


*sing it for me.. =0

Thursday, April 9, 2009

t.o.p + lee hyo ri

i google "him"
haha. =p
sgt cool =0
his trademark --> the fingers. =p

and to muzaffar liyana,please stop sending me those weird banana test

muka mmg mcm mak

i am mistakenly realized that my mom once have this kind of style picture(99%)..
duh. i look like her.

tahukah anda

pkn kan?

Silver Jubilee of the Reign of His Royal Highness Paduka Seri Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah Sultan Perak Darul Ridzuan

i am a stamp collector

today,i just bougth one edition(stamps) from eshop.its a wedding cost me about rm26,its really expensive; as its previous collection --> i capture my guilty for not buying it from the =(

as u can see, i uploded the KAMPUNG BOy stamp by LAt. i collected those at post office.

see the cost,mahal kan? but its worth for me..
p/s ; ayah, belanja =p

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

sekitar the loaf restaurant.langkawi

mr syukor and us

cheesecake, its call uhuhuhu.

the yummy salad
gosh.this coffee make me high.expresso ice.available only at the loaf.its really expensive. =p

committe apreciation dinner

cik secretary and mr president

the soup

lobster spagethi
aha.this is what i ate. beef. =)


lamb chop
sharing is caring =p
model for loaf? =p
sopha with chin and jason =)
in front of the loaf. =0

from my information, the restaurant exist from the idea of tun dr mahathir. during our trip to the restraurant, the manager told us that tun mahathir was at the restaurant earlier during that day. its totally superb. the food- gosh, heaven.haha. we ate a lot.
furthermore its a course set of dinner.
unforgettable moment for us.
mr president, kenneth have done so much for us, im appreciate his effort.
i love tourism club so much, becoz we are such a very nice bunch of people!
keep up a good effort.

come and join us

im the part of the committee. my work is to ensure people come to this event.please buy the tickets =)
support our local band
specially brought to you by MMUmusic.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

the one with a good memories.

if i just have to wait for it,
something unworth;
but priceless..
i am Rebelliously myself for such fickle feelings.
i lost my sense;

"look at me"- tae yang; likewise,remind me of you.

there's always a room for you in my dictionary,
the moment you spelt it out on the previous day; i shrug off
yet, you kept the memories alive;
i felt guilty for trying to forget it; i thought you shrug off the memories too
those words ....... sadly
im ashamed of myself; fail to preserve likewise what have you preserve.


i need to finish up all my assingment


right now, its only efa and me at home.
the atmosphere of silence.
the person with the bad memory,is not at home.haha

cik alif kuraudo, i view ur blog.
selamat bercuti, i miss to share story with you.
share me some songs please....

idan, if u read this, i like ur new hair.
luckily its nice, hope ur gf loves it.

nurul asyikin sobri.thankz for tagging me =)
happy holidays for you too.
i miss BP, and of course i miss our late grandpa =(

katie, suddenly im lost at the sense of fashion.haha [duit x ada =( ]
goodluck for your final
i hope u'll join me on 18april

im bored, ngeee

lets eat choc.. =p


in restless dream, i walked alone,
im trying hard,
your visions remain;
im always there for you,
im listening; im so sorry for any harsh words i used;
im so ashamed,i've been mean

you,ve done nothing wrong;the family matters kept us apart
we work so much to keep it going..
im the one you chose,
out of the people,
you want me the most;

love is pain;
the future really hard for us;
even, the memories kept me devastated;

right now,seldomly; the muse songs get play in my mp3
both of us understand it why;

if only the time can be rewind;
i want to fix "everything"
no such pain feelings.
no such lost.
no such regret.
its all ending; i gotta to stop pretending who we are;

hope the best for you & family
believe in miracle;
u'll find someone better

next july; 4 years since we know each other
since 6months ago. i hardly laugh.

i know you've read it.
i'll be the one you trust most.
in fact, i certain my limits;
reminding myself
that we are friends
not a lover.

*sorry for posting this entry. my head kept processing our conversation;previous night.