Monday, March 30, 2009

trip to langkawi -3 (2nd day;nature tour) the longest entry =p

breakfast time..
hantu? =p

the journey begin

spontaneous reaction.gara2 baracuda =p


darling sopha..

ahahaha.look at chin face.=p

*pokok kayu bakau*

adik fadhil =)


terbaik =0

bff babe =0

the bats, geli kan?

inside the cave

majidi looks cute =0

so here the story, the tour guy show us the horseshoe crab or in bahasa "belangkas".he even put that belangkas on my head ok! best! i felt that thing massage my head =p
unfortunately, jeremy has that picture.

the friendly jeremy =)
my flight partner, chin =)

teamates =p

here we go jason =0

speed race =p

the eagle feeding.

yeah, go ken,(act like cowboy) haha.our president =p

pulau kasut, looks like shoes right?

way to go wai leng!! =p

cik sopha enjoying her ride.

the most happy moment

mr syukor family and choi in another boat.

number 7 .we r champion! sopha, me, nurul, zaxx, jeremy, wai leng, chin, jason, yee chien and the driver =)

see, our boat number 7 is the most special boat,aha, each of us drove it okay! only boat '7'!!!!
the owner of the boat sgt sporting =p


drink urself !

on the way to waterfall =)


*thats our activity for the whole day.refreshing*