Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"sendirian" berhad

hari ni cuaca sangat panas,and i got my skjap je sakit.
i hate this one girl.actually i dont hate her,but jealousy.she try to add me di ruangan cyber.haha.fs,ms,tageed? rahsia.bcoz my page seems to be private, she sent a message dgn harapan nk try add aku..haha.sorryla.setakat nk preview aku.xpayah la.maybe her curiousity memuncak.(idk,mana tau she try to compete me)
suka hati kau la perempuan..mmg aku bengang gile dgn kau bebrapa minggu yg lepas.wtv.
aku nk bising pun, aku bukan sape2 pun pada kau.sorry sbb reply kau kasar2.
mesti kau bengang kan. =P
hahaha.dhla dia ni xder dosa apa2 dgn aku. u know what? i know, u gain a lot story about me. aku xkisah. just leave me alone..ok. kau dh kawan dgn dia ckuplah.dont disturb me.

me and him "baik2 sahaja"
it seem, the situation mcm kami baru2 kawan dulu.

congrats cat, u found a new lover. =)
i smpai mati pun agaknya x jumpa sapa2.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

u go girl

video ni memberi semangat..haha.bdk rumah je tau what happen to me right now.

thankz najwa.for giving me support.
this, i copy paste from the chat on msn.

najwa aqilah said:
wawa tau q mesti sedih kan. wawa pun mase break down jugak. tp,percayelah.everything happen for a reason tak nampak skrg. tp someday q akan nampak.

najwa aqilah said:
dont sedih2 dah k

najwa aqilah said:
time will heal the wounds. it might takes some times.

najwa aqilah said:
tp wawa tau kawan2 q ade to ch eer u up. so just njoy in everything you do k

najwa aqilah said:
mwah mwah. syg q

*apparently, during my alpha year, she helps me alot, bila waktu aku menangis.

wawa, i have many things to share with u, nnt ader masa, i tell u everything.

Monday, September 15, 2008

credit to sopha.haha.i copy paste from her page

nur afeeqah bt mohd alwi
glamour name- Q!
johor bharu mari.
tai ka cheh of JB.8)

she is my close friend in MMU, in EP, in class, in everything.
she is also my walking ATM, credit card, cheQue. :)
she knows everything about me.
from me as a heart breaker to heart broken.
from head to toe.
from wardrobe to bed.
from shoes to sandals.:)
inside outside
left && right.
my fav && dislike.

she doesnt like my messy thick hair.
at times, she will be "sopha, tolong ikat rambut u. tak kembang"
sometimes, "sopha! rambut u hari ni kembang lawa"

meal time.
Q: you order je pape. tapi i nak udang goreng tepung.
s: ok, tom yam satu, telur bungkus. Q, you nak sayur apa?
Q: pape pun bole (while msging with i dont know who)
s: isk. you ni. ok, bagi kangkung goreng biasa satu. tamau masin ok.

shopping time.
s: Q! dis baju ok tak?
Q: kat JB lagi banyak choices. kedai *** sini kecil. JB lagi besar, semua latest style && design.
s: oh! den bila nak pergi JB?
Q: datang la. kita bole shopping kat CS.

if i refused to eat.
Q: makan sopha. nanti u sakit perut.
s: malas la. later nak kena draw duit 1st.
Q: nak ambil ni (give me rm10). beli lauk from your fav stall tu.
s: alaa.ok! (

when i wanna pay back my debt
s: Q! i hutang u berape eh? (offer money to her)
Q: taktau. takyah la sopha (push my hand away) bukan byk pun.
s: Q, u better ambil. nanti mati i susah ok.
Q: merepek je you ni.

so, i paid for her meals. :)

when im lazy to do my assignment.
s: Q! you do the criminal assignment bole? then ill do our tutorial. fair && square kan? :)
Q: byk la you.
s: alaa. our tutorial ni susah tau. i lazy nak buat assignment la. lazy sgt.sgt.sgt.
Q: jgn malas sopha. sikit je.
s: ok. :(

i remember this so well. it happened last week. i went to her house, wanna settle our criminal tutorial.
s: shooot! my crdt habis la. bole top up using cimbclick tak? pt mus, i nak msg him ni. (worried because it was 3am)
Q: bole.bole. try la.
s: (upon trying), alaaa. y cannot ni? (disappointed)
Q: sop, your num 012 4477*** kan?
s: yes, why?sampai hati you tak ingat my number.(actually, i dont remember hers either)

after a few seconds, i received a msg from maxis-60127594*** have shared rm 5 with you.(something like this la)

s: la, you byk crdt ke Q? thanx beb.
Q: ada la.
s: no wonder you offer nak call mus tadi. (hahaha)

knowing her for 2 yers ++ is a great experiece ever. you should listen to her stories. from you tak kenal her friends back in JB terus you kenal. eg: cat, helmi, timah etc.
in a nut shell, i love you miss Q. no matter what happen, i will always support you && thanks for being my shoulder even though you only listen.

s: Q! you think mus syg i tak?
Q: mana i tahu. i tak kenal dia la.
s: alaa, tadi dah sembang dgn dia dah.
Q: mana dia ada ckp dia syg u ke tak.
s: swt!

**thank you sopha... =)
susah2 je tulis cerita pasal si Q ni.haha.
owh..ptt la u mtk my ic number.haha
srisopha di library.haha

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Black & White edition

hye everyone, im posting the black and white edition of our pictures.
just for fun.
cheers =)

get High!!


pagi td aku rasa pitam.
i really have fun with my sista last night. we look good in the picture.
hari lepas geram?sedih?idk. as long its worth time.

we all get
jadi ratu lampu lip lap pulak

before i upload this pix.sopha had already seen it, she says we look like a group people mcm kena tinggal laki. somthing like that kot.hahahahaha...mmg betul pun
anyway..i feel regret xjumpa sopha punya parents.haha..boleh la ngadu kat cik niran.anyway,thankz for the root beer dear.
to cat, jom amik pix like this.haha
u owe me one.=)

yesterday.owh hari sabtu

thankz to eifa,ali, nurul and riz, kami berjalan2 di melaka seharian hari.

precious moment..

this is one of my theraphy..jalan2 and shopping.
the truth is mmg susah nak lupakan laki tu. kdg2 i get mad, sumtimes i miss kan i ni.
time for the sticker.=)

that's not all.i bought a dress.. "love has gone"
i just pick up that clothes and terus bayar.

tgok2 riz also follow my action.haha
kaya la kdai kat dataran pahlawan tu..
thankz sopha for ur blog..
my story ka?

lastly.. happy bufday to my boys. helmi sulaiman and amir irsyad.. =)

Friday, September 12, 2008

dont speak

i need books now
sci fi books.. maybe i should talk to zubir later. he's the guy from mph.

im listening to dont speak.
"dont tell me cause it hurt"

anyway. one thing would not be change.
the good side of me. aku mmg baik.haha.

tanyala kawan2.
kan korang?

y am i so psycho?
after amylito msg me ke?haha
crazy ke aku?

the reason

di sini, i make a clear statement
we decide to brake up. bukan dr dia, and bukan kehendak aku jgk.
dia xsalah,and aku jg xsalah apa2.
kami berkawan.

the hardest thing, tolong jgn tanya kenapa.
mulut susah nak merungkaikan everything..
kisah kami takkan abadi buat masa sekarang.

nak timah

im fine
kan bagus aku dpt jd mcm kau,cat.
mcm mana yer?

im hopeless


cat: switie
cat: r u ok?
MizzQ: im not fine
cat: im so sorry to hear dat babe
MizzQ: biarla
cat: tngkn dr u k
cat: im here 4 u
cat: i tgh tggu topap
cat: i it nk call u aft dpt topap
MizzQ: ala
MizzQ: susah2 je
cat: nemind
cat: u alws thr 4 me
MizzQ: tq2
MizzQ: i xreply msg dia lg
MizzQ: heartbroken
cat: dont lah
cat: u try rilex dlu
cat: i noe i noe
MizzQ: rasa pathetic
cat: his lost la babe
cat: u tgk i
cat: mmg i rs lost,rs heartbrokn
cat: tp now da ok kn
cat: u gona b fine
cat: i syg u q
MizzQ: u buat i nngis la
cat: ish
cat: nges puas2
cat: but later u gona b smiling again babe
cat: trus me
cat: k?
MizzQ: ok2
MizzQ: i xtaw nk ckp apa
cat: its ok

by the way
thankz sopha for calling me
i heart u so much.

idan.thankz also
dan lain2.terima kasih menenangkan hati saya

the break up

from now on, kami berkawan

Thursday, September 11, 2008

bestfriends in hometown

iem, mizz kate, me, and helmi

jboi,me, cat

i miss u guys.
xboleh blah la kau mms aku this morning
congrats..finally bukak jgk braces gigi.
haha.. masih fresh lg my memory,how could she give me a present when im going to plkn.
she said, open it when u arrive at camp.
tgok2 the present = her teeth yang patah.

i keep u my dirty little secret

My dirty secret.haha.
i was listening this song berulang2 kali today.maybe the tune layan kepala i.

mcm gossip girl."xoxo"----> trademark =p

for right now.amylito, the one who always message me.
this person giler2 otai kelakar.haha
and very selumber person.
everyone feel easy to be friend with him.
im so embarrass if a guy talk about the ""buncitness" syndrome .
haha.but amylito, he talk about it openly.ngahaha
anyway.amy skrg dh berisi sikit i think. u r so skiny kot.
one more thing, rambut lama u, the most expensive kot.stylo.haha
pika jealous, amy pandai masak.
haha. amy, bring ur gf jmp pika tau.jgn hide2.

i got to go now, teman sopha do sumthing.haha
sopha, if u read this, i call ur daddy cik niran if u naughty2 lg..hahaha..



my bf..he really like to psycho me.
i dont know how it happen.
i should ask idan to teach me the psychology subject. i think, idan will do great if he became a lawyer or Pp.wah.giler taiko,like amir irsyad dad.haha..perhaps idan,if u become a pp,u should kurgkan ur smile face.ngeee

back to the topic.. nowadays, a lot of people very good in this psycho field, usually the nurse, yerlah
if not, how come they can take care of unsound mind people kat hspital the very bahagia.hehe

part 2
my dear muse.. today we have a lot chit chat.. im so happy =)
i miss the old days..
sumtimes i keep thinking "how did i can tahan with u?"
it doesnt matter, as long there still a hope for us.
in my tought, u r so secretive person now..
and u suka psycho i,, dush..

thankz for reading my bloG

pengunjung setia, nurul,sopha, idan,syimi
thankz also to mustaqim.haha.rajin read blog yer.

idan, interesting person; my latest new friend..wahahaha.
he called me ah lian
aiya.. u ah ben, u r so funny
the first impression about him -> positive person

thankzz idan =)
u should be my counselor.baru la can slow down my negative aura when meet ur positive aura.haha.(if i kaki bodek u, offer me work in your firm ok, in the future)

yeah,also dont forget about the so cruel.jgn marah =p
if i got time, i comment ur facebook k.
the interesting part, ur friend add me, but im not so friendly with him.
maybe bcoz we have similarities; law part.
one more thing, tq for the long chat yesterday.
asik gelak2 je..

aha.. now if u read what i have wrote, comment2 la, 99% ur story kot dlm ni.haha

Monday, September 8, 2008

absolutely crazy..

appreciation = nurul azman

as usual, aku pergi ke kelas with a really bad mood. i heard a story from my friend,liyana. she told me, many of her friends ended their love relationship. i dunno what is going on in this world, even my both roomates also had the same situation.

last night..the most shocking moments 4 me; my love one's gave me the same idea to end up.

yet, we still go on
i feel the "dingin" simptom

he told me, i deserve another better guy;not him.

maybe he thinks that we r still young, and i need to figure out and thinks about my future.

y couldnt he just be like me.
am i too nice?
or he doesnt love me anymore

luckily now; in ramadhan month.
i remind myself "sabar.and sabar.and sabar"

until ??

i dont have the answer

just wait and see

the drama of life goes on

my heart still loves him
mustapha kamal

-part 1-


we feel sad,
emotionally sadness can kill us without we realize it happen.
the truth about the truth,is we lies to cover up anything that we hide.

is it true?

had it happen to u?

Sunday, September 7, 2008


first blog?
im not so good in "expressing" myself in blog.
especially when it comes to public.

Everyday i get confuse by certain things;environment around me, such as friends, daily life and bla.bla.bla..
The truth is, there is no life without a problem. every1 have their own issues,and so do i..

i wish if i could scream loudly, crying for an attention, live happily ever & after without a wrinkles,

but that's NOT the "way" i am.
those who knows me;friends,best friends,and others respectively label me with various kind perspective. i maybe a quiet + secretive person regarding my personal relationship, but i am so talkative when my good moods starts to fill up the day. sumtimes i also get blur.haha.

its 6.48am

i cant sleep thinking bout someone*
its too early to predict my future with him*
do i have the chance to be wif him forever?

i miss my past few years back so badly.
turning to every second in my life,obviously im not ready to challenge the future.

the end.